J.Gmür is working as a member of the medical team at the Onkozentrum Klinik Im Park in Zürich (Switzerland). Within that team he is responsible for the diagnosis and therapy of hematological malignacies (blood disorders; FMH Hämatologie und FMH Innere Medizin).

His activity centres on treatment of all forms of leukaemia, on bone-marrow and stem-cell transplantations, on transfusion medicine and on intensive chemotherapy. At his medical practice and at the affiliated clinic out-patients of all sorts of health insurances are accepted.

For private or half-private in-patinents the Klinik im Park offers the facilities and service of an in oncological issues specialized team. Patients with internal-medical or haematological disorders have the possibility of stay at the Klinik Hirslanden as well. Both clinics offer the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and are in the habit of exercising an intensive interdisciplinary co-operation with various medical specialists and centres.


Last updated: 08.01.2011

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